A bit of background

The definition of Makeup has been changing over the years and now this is an era of Makeup that gives ‘No Makeup Look’. If you’re a woman who loves makeup then you must have heard of this new term. However, this look is one of the toughest to achieve but with Dermablend in very little time, you can achieve the look you want which would be completely natural yet perfect.


Dermablend is not just any other makeup product that you found in the shops. This brand and its products are referred to as one of the best skincare and cosmetic products. It is mainly famous for its full coverage crème and powder foundation that is excellent in camouflaging skin imperfections. Every product of this brand can provide a natural look that every girl and woman crave for. The brand doesn’t only produce makeup for the fair skinned people or to make people look fair, it has a huge range of products that suits every single skin texture and tone and this is the most unique feature of this brand.

The journey of Dermablend started in 1981, when Dr. Craig Roberts, an American dermatologist was irritated by the certain limitation of the skin care techniques and medicines and thought of using makeup to overcome those limitations. This is when he in association with his wife Flori Roberts who was also a renowned makeup artist found Dermablend. This brand is far above any regular makeup products/brands because this is a result of an intersection of makeup techniques and dermatology.

Dermablend took little time to become a popular cosmetic brand in the market as it not only focuses on the face but also it has products that can take care of the whole body. It has a variety of skincare products that can cover any imperfection of the skin be it on your legs, hands, face or anywhere. However, the most important fact and reason behind its huge popularity is that one can use these products on a regular basis. Prior to when these makeup products came into the market, there were hardly any products that were safe to use on a daily basis, dermablend bridged that gap and became one of the most popular companies.

When Dr. Robert started making these products, the first target was to serve the burn victims, people with deep scars and severe skin problems due to certain diseases. This also became the reason behind making products that are completely safe for the skin. Later on, other products were made to reach every woman who wants to cover their skin imperfection. Now, this brand stands for perfect makeup with complete safety of the skin. There are several products that this company has put in this article we are going to talk about the top five products which are highly popular and effective in your skincare and would fit your makeup regime.




Brief intro about each of the top 5 products

1. Dermablend Cover Crème:

    • Provides Full coverage – maximum coverage of all imperfection of skin
    • Foundation with SPF 30
    • Lightweight – not at all cakey
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 2. Dermablend Blurring Mousse Camo Oil-Free Foundation:

    • Keep your skin hydrated with this liquid foundation for 24 hours
    • Comes with SPF 25
    • Camouflage hyperpigmentation of skin, blemishes, redness, uneven skin tone
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Dermablend Leg and Body Makeup Foundation:

    • Make your legs and body also look perfect like your face with this foundation. It provides all day long hydrating benefit.
    • It is completely smudge-free
    • lightweight
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Dermablend Intense Powder High Coverage Foundation :

    • Lightweight, soft-feel powder foundation
    • Provides buildable coverage to the skin
    • Provides ultimate matte finish look that you want
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Dermablend Flawless Creator Multi-Use Liquid Foundation:

    • It is completely oil-free
    • Covers any kind of marks on your face.
    • Comes with pure pigments but without any weight
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A brief buyer’s guide-

Skincare and makeup products are in abundance in the market and this huge variety often confuses the buyer. Most of us go by word of mouth that is we buy products that our friends are using without thinking whether that product will be right for our skin or not. Here is an intricate list of factors that you need to understand before buying any skincare products.


Our skin is one of the most important parts of our body which we often do not realize. This is why we do not emphasize the need for buying quality makeup products and skin care products. We go by what can give us the best look possible. However, if you check the quality of those products, we might find they contain harmful chemicals which can damage our skin. Another thing is the quality of the product cannot be judged by its price only, you have to see various other things which are discussed below to find out the best quality skin care products.



Brand value:



The first and foremost thing that comes to mind when we talk about quality is the brand name. Dermablend thus stands tall here as it has already created its niche and it is one of the top makeup and skincare brand in the world at present. A brand name suggests the goodwill and good reviews of the people who have used the products of this brand and that ensures the quality of the products. For skincare products, it is always important to choose a well-recognized brand like Dermablend. It is because they maintain the quality and that everyone knows and this quality comes from the ingredients they use and the research goes into making the products. Since they have to maintain their brand value, they will always take care of the quality and it makes their product worth the money you spent on them. Often people say, branded products are expensive, however, you can wear a simple cloth which is not from any popular brand and it won’t harm your skin or health. However, if you use locally made skincare products made from ingredients which aren’t dermatologically tested can cause immense harm to your skin. So, it is better to spend a little more on branded skincare products and retain your skin quality and enhance it.






This is the most crucial aspect while choosing any skincare brand. Do, you remember the last time you have bought a skin care product reading about all its ingredients? No, Right? That’s where we fall short. Not every ingredient in every product can suit our skin. We have to be very careful about choosing the right product with the ingredients that can better our skin not damage it. If you have oily skin you would obviously require a different makeup product that is specifically for the oily skin. If you put up anything that is maybe for dry skin or even sensitive skin, you can have rashes, skin imperfections and damage. Dermablend has different product range for every skin type that ensures you choose the right kind of product for your skin type.



Skin tone:

Often you will find women with a dual skin tone that is till neck there is one tone and different down that. It is because of choosing the wrong makeup product. There are different skin tone across the globe and to get a perfect makeup look which would also look natural, you need to find out the product that will complement your skin. If you use a foundation that is for someone with a lighter skin tone, then you would obviously not look natural and perfect. So, while choosing makeup products, it is essential to know which product is right for your skin tone. Dermablend has an array of products for every skin tone, the crème foundation of Dermablend comes in 21 different tones to suit individual skin tone.



Dermatological tests:

This is another critical aspect that often people forget to check while buying the products. Even if you check that a certain product is for your skin type and tone, what is the guarantee that the product is actually having such ingredients or not? This can be only understood if the product passes the dermatological tests. Dermablend as we already know by now is a company made by a dermatologist himself with his makeup artist wife, so every product that this company comes up with is thoroughly tested under the microscope of the dermatologists.



This factor plays a great role in deciding the products you buy and the ones you don’t. Obviously, you have a budget and you want to fix to that, however, buying cheap makeup products will get you nothing as they do not have the quality nor they stay on your skin for a nominal duration even. However, as mentioned above, expensive products either do not certify the quality, so, what you have to do is to compare the other aspects and the price together to find out the best one for your skin and pocket.



This is the age of internet and online shopping, and there are reviews about the products on every site where the products are being sold. There are even site like this where you can find genuine and unbiased reviews of the products. Try to read both good and bad reviews to find out whether the product/s are suitable for you or not. You can find the reviews about each of the below-mentioned products from genuine customers on Amazon itself when you visit the site. There are customers who have used these products in the past or using post various reviews. You can get read about both the pros and cons of the products and then decide wisely whether you would like to buy it or not.



So, if you are looking for a foundation or makeup products that can give you perfectly natural looking flawless skin, then you have to turn towards Dermablend. They do not only have a variety of products but they have variants of each of the products to each skin tone, color, and texture and without harming the skin in any possible way. A brand that has the trust of the dermatologists is not only here to make you only look good but perfect.

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