Benefits of glycolic acid

Benefits of glycolic acid

Effects of glycolic acid on the skin. Skin is the most sensitive yet the most important organ in the human body. How many of you are constantly worried about your skin? Or dream of having flawless skin? Who does not like the perfect glam skin! But in our hustle-bustle life, we forget to take care of the largest organ in our body. With deadly pollution and global warming increasing at a rapid speed, it has become extremely difficult to keep our skin healthy and glowing always.

Our skin works extremely hard every day to provide a shield to our body from various harmful elements. Taking good care of the skin and developing a daily skin care routine is of vital importance for each one of us. The next question which arises is that how should one take care of the skin, or there are so many things which are available, how to choose which is the best one?

With plenty of things available and so much information out there on the internet, it becomes extremely confusing to decide what exactly is right for our skin and what is not. We love the thrill of getting our own hands on various natural beauty products which contain the most talked about ingredients. So here, we are all set to uncover what is beneficial and most popular ingredient at the moment, which is Glycolic Acid.

Glycolic Acid is a chemical which seems to be intimidating first but is magical in its approach. It is an extremely natural occurring substance. In the raw state of it Glycolic Acid it is a powder-ish substance which is made up of colorless natural crystals which have no odour or scents. It is typically derived from sugarcane and is a very common ingredient in skin care products. According to various dermatologists, Glycolic Acid chemically is a very small molecule, due to this whenever it is put on the skin it penetrates very easily. Various Dermatologists have been themselves using the Glycolic Acid for years now and it acts as their best friend every now and then.

Glycolic Acid is the one answer to all the skin care problems, as it clears the clogged pores, deep cleanses the skin, evenly tones the skin and takes care of all such problems. Do you want to find out how Glycolic acid works, how to make use of this magical chemical, and what are the precautions which need to be taken? You are in the right place, as that is exactly what we wish to enlighten everyone about. So Read on!

How exactly does the Glycolic Acid work and what are its core benefits?

  1. Glycolic Acid treats the acne problem and opens up the clogged pores: ACNE! The most unwanted four-letter word in the English Language. Nobody likes acne and clogged pores, it makes the skin look shabby and unclean. Each one of us at some point of time has gone through the acne problem and felt miserably bad about it. We can’t deny the fact that we have tried every possible product we saw online or suggested by a friend to get rid of the problem, but unfortunately, nothing helped.
    However, Glycolic Acid acts as a magic weapon in this era of problems! The most highlighted and significant advantage of Glycolic Acid is that it has very small molecules that penetrate into the skin very easily and quickly which is able to battle the problems inside the skin rapidly. It also helps the skin get rid of the excess oil and helps to get rid of blackheads and breakouts. Clears the pores, and controls the oil secretion.
  2. The Aging issue: Who likes to start ageing so soon? The most significant proof of ageing is the skin. Skin reacts to the ageing process very quickly and makes the skin look saggy and lose, making it lose all its charm. But Glycolic Acid acts as a saviour, as Its a topical application of AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) which fights the skin ageing process by reducing the excess appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, the crow’s feet. Dermatologists have experimented that using various serums which have Glycolic Acid and a combination of several other ingredients such as Vitamin C can have an overall visible impact which will help in revamping the health of the skin. It can make the skin look healthy and clean.
  3. Acts as a best friend act as an Exfoliator: Glycolic Acid is a true friend which is always there in need, as we commonly say, “A friend in need, is a friend indeed”. Glycolic Acid is primarily known to remove the dead and unhealthy skin from the skin’s epidermal surface and reduces the number of dry patches in the skin. It helps the skin to breathe naturally with all the vitamins and minerals needed by the skin.
  4. Brightening of skin: Who does not love bright, glamorous and beautiful skin? YES, we all do! And Glycolic Acid has always been a one-stop destination for skin brightening problems. It has a very unique application which is the topical application which is very well known to primarily improve the texture and quality of the skin as it removes all the dead skin and cells, also it reduces the size of the damaged and open pores. As a result, it brightens and lightens the skin tone, making the skin look extremely fresh and clear.
  5. Ingrown Hair Problem Keratosis Pilaris: Keratosis Pilaris is commonly known as chicken skin because it symbolizes bumpy, extremely rough and thick skin, especially in the underarms area. This is caused by the keratin which is build up around the area. The way in which this is kept under control is by exfoliating the skin regularly. The Glycolic Acid if used regularly helps in the treatment of ingrown hair.
  6. Collagen Production problem: Each one of us loves a firm and a glowing skin, however, due to lack of maintenance our skin becomes dead and starts sacking. Collagen is one of the essential proteins which help in keeping the skin firm and maintains the elasticity. But Aging, pollution and high level of stress slow down the collagen production in the skin which leads to the skin losing its firmness and appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Glycolic Acid stimulates the needed collagen production and makes the skin looks 10 times younger and fresh.

Toning and levelling of the skin:

Each one of us has been hearing about tones and leveled skins throughout our lives. But we wonder how do we tone and level our skins which makes it look very graceful? Toning is the first and crucial step in the skincare regime for any individual. Glycolic Acid acts as one of the best toners as it clears all the pores, helps in removing the excess oil, makeup and dirt which is stuck in the skin. It helps to hydrate the skin as we keep hearing on a daily basis about how water is very useful for glowing skin. This process helps us is in getting a firm and a glowing skin.

Moisturizing the skin: With dirt, ageing and lack of proper skin care our skin on our hand, feet and face start to lose it’s firmness and becomes flaky. Our all-rounder beauty product Glycolic Acid removes all the dead cells and skin, smooth-ens the skin and makes it baby soft, and helps the skin to rejuvenate itself.

Increases the tolerance level- It is always advisable to increase skin tolerance as the skin should be habituated to survive healthily in various weather condition and Glycolic Acid helps the skin to build its tolerance level. Especially people with sensitive skin should regularly use skin care products with Glycolic- Acid to make their skin more adaptable.

Overall, Glycolic- Acid is very beneficial to the skin as it is a package which solves all the skin related issues. However, just knowing it’s usage does not solve the purpose solely. It is important to know how can someone use the Glycolic Acid. Keep on reading to find out the secret!

7 Ways to Use Glycolic Acid in Your Skin Care Regiment are

  1. Glycolic Acid should never be used directly as it is acidic in nature and can harm the person’s skin as it can cause burns and irritation. However, it is one of the best chemicals which can be used in the skin when mixed with some product. Dermatologists after doing months of research now advise everyone to use skincare products that contain Glycolic Acid in them. The product which is used with Glycolic Acid should contain at least 5-8% of Glycolic Acid.
  2. Glycolic Acid as stated earlier shall not be used directly but people should keep in mind that it should be used in its potent form mixed with other skincare products to give instant results change!
  3. The most important thing which everyone misses to keep in mind is that every time a product is used with Glycolic Acid in it, it should always be followed up by a sunscreen, this is because Glycolic Acid has an element in it which makes the skin more vulnerable to the damaged caused by the sun. Hence, it is very important to always carry sunscreen along with oneself, to be safe from the heat waves which negatively impact the skin.
  4. Especially people with very sensitive skin, should always be very careful before using any new product on the skin as even a very mild product can cause burns and itchiness which can, in turn, be very uncomfortable. However, someone with a very sensitive screen should use a lesser concentration of Glycolic Acid in the beginning and is advised to slowly take up the speed.
  5. Many people believe in creating a cusp mask that contains various ingredients, in the hope of reaping the benefits of various products. However, people using it are advised to stay away from the DIY (Do it yourself) peels and masks. People should use it only when they have a good amount of relevant experience in this area.
  6. While using Glycolic Acid it is advised to everyone to keep a check and monitor the skin patterns. For example, if the skin becomes very red and starts burning then reduce the usage of the product which contains Glycolic Acid for a few days of weeks.
  7. As Glycolic Acid acts as an exfoliator, it is important to use it every day for prompt results.
  8. People using it along with integration in some product should dermaplant before in hand to increase the results subcutaneously.

With extreme levels of pollution, dirt, smog, and dust particles surrounding humans on a continuous basis, It becomes even more important to keep our skin protected from all the harmful substances and help our skin breath with ultimate freshness. Overall using the Glycolic Acid has tons and tons of advantages, as no other product or chemical can beat it with the benefits it provides to its users. Using it is extremely useful in our day to day lives and hardly requires 2 minutes of attention on a daily basis for glowing and bright skin. Glycolic- Acid is also known for excellently and remarkably improving the skin condition by balancing the acid mantle, providing a deep and even exfoliation, increasing the amount of cell turnover which overall results in healthy and clear skin.

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