Dermablend Blurring Mousse Camo Oil-Free Foundation


Covers up acne, blemishes, scars and even birthmarks. Birthmarks don't really have to be hidden but on some occasions, you just want to look flawless

Oily skin

It is great for the oily acne-prone skin. Knowing you skin type is the first step before buying any sort of skincare products

Dev System

Available in different skin tone and shades. Many people end up spending big bucks only to end up disappointed as it was not for their skin tone. Don't be one of them


Customer care of dermablend provides a great support and also due to the popularity of the brand, various guides and tutorials available on youtube

Dermablend Blurring Mousse Camo Oil-Free Foundation is a top Dermablend product that is most sought after because of its oil-free texture. 

The product is manufactured with new formulae which can cover up the uneven skin structure and texture. 

This has a resurfacing technology which helps in making your skin look blemish free.

This foundation is what you were looking for if you have a skin that is damaged due to acne, oiliness and other problems similar to oily skin. 

Often oily skin people find it difficult to get a foundation that won’t make their skin look shiny or cakey.

This foundation by Dermablend has the right balance to give you a look that covers up all the acne, pimples, blemishes and any kind of uneven tone that you want to cover.

This is a perfect mousse foundation that strikes the right balance because of its highly functioning pigments that are breathable and blends finely on your skin

This foundation gives a perfect matte look to your skin and if rightly applied, can make you look just the way you want.


  • For oily skin:
    People with oily skin find it really difficult to find a great foundation that won’t wear off or make them look cakey in the first place. 
    The Dermablend smooth camo foundation is a product that is developed after understanding the issue.
    They have provided the solution with this foundation. Now with Dermablend Smooth Camo Foundation, you can apply that foundation even on an oily skin and get a blemish-free look.

  • Right blend and pigmentation:
    Every Dermablend product is famous for its fineness in the blending texture. This foundation by Dermablend has taken that to another level. The ultra-smooth and fine blend of this foundation can only make your skin look natural and clear and fresh. 
    The pigmentation is super high in this Dermablend product. Therefore, the mousse foundation blends in finely with your skin.

  • Sunscreen:

    Nowadays, women do not only wear foundation while heading out to party on Saturday night; they wear it on daily basis to get a proper look. It can be a bright sunny day and even on a rainy day.
    Thus, it is important to protect the skin. And thus, a foundation with sun-protection can be women’s best friend.

  • Wear throughout the day:
    Often the women with oily skin have to think a lot about how long their makeup or foundation will stay on their face.
    The reason is that oily skin usually get more sweat and also because of oil secretion on the skin, dirt and pollution gets attracted to the skin.
    This easily makes the face look dull. However, with this foundation on your skin, you do not have to worry for next 18 hours once you put it on.

Dermatologists take on Dermablend Blurring Mousse Camo Oil-Free Foundation

  • Dermablend Blurring Mouse Camo Oil-Free Foundation is fully tested by dermatologists for allergies.
  • The mousse camo foundation is completely safe for the sensitive skin. Oftentimes, oily skin is very sensitive. However with this foundation, you do not have to worry as this foundation will only make you look good without harming your skin.
  • It also does not irritates the acne and also tested for acne.
  • It is also non-comedogenic.

Direction for use

Dermablend Blurring Mousse Camo Foundation 2

Dermablend Blurring Mousse has to be applied very perfectly every time you apply it because otherwise, you won’t be able to get the look you want. 

So here are the steps to apply this Dermablend foundation –

  • Use your fingers to apply this foundation or you can also use a makeup sponge if you have one.
  • First, you have to apply on the inner side of the face and move it in an outward direction so it perfectly blends. Make sure that you apply it very gently.
  • Spread it and apply on the neck to the forehead so that every portion gets an even look and tone
  • If there is some dark spot, acne or imperfection that doesn’t get away after the above application, then tap a little of the foundation directly on that imperfection.
  • Use the Dermablend setting powder at the end to get the complete look. 

Pros & Cons