Dermablend Cover Creme

Is Dermablend Cover Creme the best blending cover creme?

Intense Powder High Coverage Foundation
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  • Works as promised
  • Dermatologically Tested
  • Long Application Time
  • Bit priced
  • Clogs Pores at times

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Dermablend Cover Creme

Dermablend Cover Creme is a foundation which is cream-based and in this essence, it is referred to as the full-coverage foundation for its various magical features.

It is regarded as one of the best in the market when it comes to full-coverage creme foundation. Dermablend Cover Creme is one of the top selling products of the brand Dermablend.

The creme is developed by using pigments. To put it in simple words, they are highly effective and can be blended well.

This helps in achieving a skin which looks perfectly natural even after putting the foundation which every woman wants.

Essentially, it can cover up almost any imperfection of the skin that is imaginable. Any kind of hyperpigmentation of the skin can be covered with this product and many other imperfections.

Concisely, once you put this foundation on, you can forget about your skin for the next 16 hours at the least as this foundation by Dermablend won’t get ruined within that time span. There are 21 shades of this creme to suit the different skin color and tone of the women across the globe.

Dermablend Cover Creme


Dermablend  Cover Creme gets referred to as one of the best full-coverage creme foundations for its
following features –

  • Lightweight formula: This is highly effective but you won’t feel as if you are wearing it on your skin. In other words, the foundation is produced using a lightweight formula which leaves the skin feels and remain hydrated throughout the day.
  • Shade for every skin tone: If you are thinking you are too fair or on the dark side and this creme won’t do justice to your skin tone, then you should think again. To simply put, this creme, as mentioned above, comes in twenty-one different shades to
    compliment every skin color and tone possibly found till date. Primarily, the high-purity pigments in the creme do the magic of perfectly blending with the skin and giving it the natural outlook you want.
  • Day through the night: You can wear it for at least half of the day and your skin would be just the way it looked when you were stepping out of your home in the morning. In essence, this creme has such a velvety and smooth finish with a long-lasting texture that can remain on the skin without being ruined for hours.
  • Sun-protection: Don’t worry about putting on any sunscreen as Dermablend cover creme has its all. It has SPF 30 which protects your skin from the UV rays of the sun while you wear this creme and step out during the day.

Dermatologists Take on Dermablend Cover Creme

  • Dermablend has been tested by dermatologists for skin safety
  • It has been tested for sensitivity issues of the skin
  • It has no parabens, phthalates, sodium lauryl sulfate and triclosan.

Direction for use

There is a simple five-step application process of Dermablend which is as follows –

  • First, take a little amount of the creme on your fingertip
  • Heat it a bit to make it more blendable
  • Now apply it to the places where you have imperfections like scars, acne or any marks that you want to cover.
  • Tap the crème on those places and do not spread it all over your face
  • Let it dry for some time and if needed apply a second layer in a similar way
  • Finally, put a little of Dermablend setting powder to complete the look.

Pros and cons

You can search for various sites on the internet and you will read only about how great the Dermablend cover creme is because it is one of the most advanced foundation full coverage creme in the market at present. However, there are few people who also do not find the product as much worthy as others so, here is a list of pros and cons of Dermablend.


  • According to the reviews by hundreds of women, this cover creme is one of the easiest to use foundation ever.
  • Above all, this foundation is obviously the well-blending formula. Similarly, it has all the contents that help the creme to
    blend well on the face and cover each and every imperfection.
  • In addition, the high amount of pigmentation is another benefit of the creme that helps in
    bringing the natural skin tone.
  • This creme foundation is women’s favorite because it stays for hours.
  • Twenty-one shades available which make no woman compromise with their skin


  • Few women found it to be heavy and greasy which makes them look unnatural and
    makes them uncomfortable
  • According to a few, the Dermablend cover creme is overpriced.
  • Few complain that this product can clog pores as well. However, that is subjected to
    the way how one cleanse the face.

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