Dermablend Leg and Body Makeup Foundation

What’s the deal?

Intense Powder High Coverage Foundation
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  • Works as promised
  • Dermatologically Tested
  • Long Application Time
  • Bit priced
  • Clogs Pores at times

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We hardly even think about applying makeup on our body parts except for our face and neck, isn’t it? If you aren’t into modeling or fashion or cinema industry then you would hardly even thought or even know about there is the foundation for legs and body part as well. So, whether you are aware or unaware but if you are looking for a solid foundation for your leg and body then here is Dermablend Leg and Body Makeup Foundation. It is perfectly smoothly blendable, buildable which is another aspect of any great foundation to give your complete body a flawless look. You do not need to worry about the scar on your legs or arms when you are wearing shorts or sleeveless clothes.

The leg and body foundation

can cover up varicose veins, age spots and birthmarks, stretch marks, any scars, and even tattoos. The high-pigmentation foundation is just right for every skin type and keeps the skin hydrated for a really long time which the skin needs to be healthy. There are various shades in which this product is available to give you a completely natural look.


Full coverage: You can achieve a full coverage or at least a medium coverage with this Dermablend body foundation. It gives a natural look and does not make your skin look filled with makeup. It can just cover up all the imperfection on your skin on the body and legs and arms.

Lightweight formulae: The best aspect of this foundation is that this one is very lightweight which is necessary for a body foundation. You wouldn’t even feel like wearing any foundation on your leg or body and this will make you comfortable which is necessary.

Keeps your skin hydrated all day long: Your body skin needs to be hydrated like your face and this foundation with its ingredients keeps the skin hydrated and healthy even under the sun as it also has sun protection with SPF 25.

Smudge-free and transfer-resistant: It is a product that you can apply and forget about it. It won’t smudge or transferred and fade away.

Dermatologists take

  • It is tested for safe use
  • There is no sign of having allergy from using this product as revealed by the dermatologists
  • It is tested for people having sensitive skin
  • There is no use of ingredients derived from animals

Direction for use

If you want to cover your whole body then you have to apply it evenly with long strokes all over your body parts where you want to apply this to cover up imperfections.

For covering tattoos or uneven skin tone on leg or body – scars or any imperfection you need to –

  • Use a sponge or finger to apply the foundation in tapping motion on the exact part of the body
  • Continue to blend it until a natural look comes
  • You can use a setting powder over it so that it stays for longer