Dimethicone – is it over villainized?

Dimethicone – is it over villainized?

Review sites strive to critize scary looking chemical compounds to garner attention and one such victim is dimethicone. In this brif article we will learn exactly what it is and what are its uses and, possible side effects.

According to WebMD , dimethicone is basically a moisturizer. Chemically speaking, demethicone is called Polydimethylsiloxane, is a polymer is of silicone. The creamy, smooth, viscous texture of our favorite moiturizers is given by this compound.

What are it’s uses?

This compound is often used to treat dry skin, itch, skin rashes and even provides relief to people with mild eczema. Tpically the main cause for dry skin is loss of water, there are many ways to prevent that, one such way is by creating a thin layer on top and dimethicone does exactly that. Not only it locks the moisture but also gives a shiny is skily feel.

One can use it daily and it works well with all skin types. It protects the skin from many external factors.

Possible Side effects

Silicones are like inert gases, they don’t react. As per our research we found that synthetic prodcuts such as dimethicone are safer than most herbal alternatives.

Many studies are done and most of them reach the conclusion that scientifically there is no proof that dimethicone can clog skin pores, most dermatologists consider this product to be safe. But we have expectations to almost everything, in case you get skin redness or swelling upon use, it’s probably for best to contact your doctor

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