Environment and its effect on your skin

Have you ever noticed the difference in the quality of the skin in people across the countries, landscapes? We are here not only talking about the skin tone or the color but the quality overall. While most of the people living on the hilly regions have dry skin, but free from irruptions, acne, pimples, and similar problems. The ones who live in the areas which are humid – tend to have oily and normal skin most of the time.

So, environment and our skin have a connection from ages and especially in today’s time, when the environment is suffering from pollution, global warming, and other dangerous effects we see and read every day in the newspaper also affecting our skin without must knowledge of ours. We may be aware of the UV rays of the sun and thus use a sunscreen lotion while stepping out. But what about the other factors of which this environment is consisting of?

With the disruption in the ozone layer, the UV rays which are highly harmful to our skin and body as a whole is damaging our skin whenever we are out in the sun. It is not possible to be at home either to avoid the sun – UV rays, right? The problem which we are aware of most is related to tanning which is the skin darkening process due to excessive UV rays and the sun heat. But what we may not be aware of is UV rays are more harmful than just tanning your skin. It is observed in recent medical research that skin cancer is one of the worst results of UV rays. Not only skin cancer but Keratosis has also become a much common problem in the western world after skin cancer with this UV rays problem. Is only sunscreen a remedy for all these issues which are life-threatening as well?

Now coming to the problems which we hardly consider and ever unaware of. Sun rays or UV rays are not the only things which dames your skin, pollution, and extreme cold can damage your skin from within.

Talking about pollution, our skin is affected by all the emission particles, harmful gasses in the environment produced by the industries and vehicles, day in and day out. The skin irruptions are natural in this kind of environment especially if your skin sensitive. While you can quickly see the changes and irritation on your sensitive skin, with another skin type, you might not notice, but the pollution is damaging your skin from within.

Finally, if you are at harsh weather condition, be it extreme heat or extreme cold, your skin gets affects. Extreme cold conditions are often associated with dry skin – creepy and cracked and losing the youthfulness before you are aged.

All these conditions are due to the environment and thus you cannot do much to prevent them. But a daily skincare regime can help you retain your skin quality to a certain extent. With natural and genuine products you can keep your skin protected to a great extent from this damage causing elements in the environment where we all have to live and thrive.