Dermablend Intense Powder High Coverage Foundation

Intense Powder High Coverage Foundation
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  • Clogs Pores at times

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Intense High Coverage Foundation

Intense Powder High Coverage Foundation is one of the best-selling product of the brand – Dermablend. Essentially, this is  because of its uniqueness and exceptional usage.

In the first place, this is referred to as the ultimate powdered-based foundation ever produced which suit the oily skin at its best. In other words, this is mainly for the people having oily skin and has a problem applying the creme or liquid foundation. However, all skin types are able to use it to get alluring results.

To add to this, this foundation has high levels of pigmentation to provide the blemish-free natural look that you want even when you have applied makeup.

In addition, Dermablend Intense Powder High Coverage Foundation does not make your face look cakey.

Ideally, it covers all the imperfections and gives you a radiant look.

Best For:

With this Dermablend Powder Foundation, you can cover redness of the skin, acne, black and white heads, visible pores and blemishes with just one puff.

Intense Powder High Coverage FoundationTherefore, it provides a completely matte look and helps to absorb excess oil.

On top of this, it is so light on the skin that you won’t feel the discomfort of wearing it.

Concisely, this is an everyday product which is just perfect for the oily skinned people.

Also, It is not recommended for the people with dry skin as the powder can make the skin drier.

Features of Intense Powder High Coverage Foundation:

Intense Powder High Coverage Foundation

  • Matte look: Oily skin attracts a lot of dirt and pollution; accordingly, it cannot retain most of the creme foundation and even applying moisturizer is difficult.
    The reason is that oily skin produces excess oil itself and keep it hydrated always. But this excess oil makes your skin look shiny which do not look good. Therefore, matte look is what all oily-skinned people want. This
    Dermablend powder foundation is here to provide you that matte look you were longing for. Essentially, it helps to keep soft and smooth and provides a matte look.
  • Coverage: Compared to other coverage foundations, the Dermablend Intense Powder High Coverage Foundation provides extensive coverage for skin imperfection. In short, from covering up the blemishes, acne, pimples, redness and others imperfection. Most importantly, it covers up the excess oil on your face by giving the matte look.
  • Long lasting: Generally, the terrible thing that oily skinned people face is that their makeup wears off very easily. However, with the powdered foundation from Dermablend, you can just puff it in the morning and until night, you can find your face look the same. Nonetheless, it might slightly vary from one person to another but this foundation gives a long lasting effect.
  • Ultra-light on skin: For oily skin, putting anything on your face is of discomfort because there is already so much excess oil. However, with this foundation which has a powder base, it feels so light on your skin that you won’t feel any discomfort.

Dermatologists take on Dermablend Intense Poweder High Coverage Foundation:

Intense Powder High Coverage Foundation

  • It has been tested by the dermatologists for safety on skin.
  • In other words, it is safe for sensitive skin.
  • In addition, there is no parabens, triclosan, phthalates, sodium lauryl sulfate compounds which are harmful to skin
  • Above all, the product has been also tested for allergies and the result are negative that is it won’t trigger an allergic reaction.

Direction for use:

In simple words, this is a foundation that requires no effort to apply. You just have to apply this Dermablend powder foundation like you apply powder on your face.

After that, you just have to buff on the powder and then puff it on your face.

Next, If you want to cover some intense scar or mark, tap the powder on the place and you can get an even-toned natural look with a foundation on.

Intense Powder High Coverage Foundation

Pros and Cons of Intense Powder High Coverage Foundation:


  • The powder foundation is very easy to apply.
  • In addition, it blends really well on the skin.
  • Moreover, it is very lightweight.
  • The foundation is having a long-lasting effect.
  • Above all, it provides full to medium coverage.


  • It sometimes gives a cakey look.
  • Besides, if not applied properly, it can give an uneven look on your skin.
  • To conclude, it can sometimes forms creases.

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