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Neora Nerium

Nerium International doesn’t need any introduction today. The company has given reason to masses to live life in its fullest with anti-aging creams and products. They are tirelessly making people better and stand by their standards set for staying beautiful  & elegant, despite rising age.

Let’s know about the company in deep, what’s it about, what’s its mission, what products does it deal in, and all other essential details.

What is Nerium International?

Nerium is the name of a reputed multi-level marketing company deals in a beauty product. Nowadays, it is prevalent as Neora. It’s Brand Partners” are independent product distributors. Jeff Olson is CEO and founder of this reputed brand and company Nerium. The company mainly deals with age-defying products that vouch for weeding out the adverse age effects on the skin, like wrinkles, fine lines, and other aging issues. In short, it works on bringing the youthfulness of your skin back.


Mission and Vision of Company

With the mission of ‘Make People Better,’ the company was founded about eight years ago. Over the years, several changes occurred, but the ultimate commitment of the company was the same for the people.

These are not mere words; Neora has attained this target by proving the most excellent quality products at the disposal of the customers.

Company History

Flowers Skin care

Jeff Olson founded Nerium International in the year 2011. Before its launch, in-depth, thorough research was conducted on the oleander plant to glean out its health and skincare benefits.

‘Nerium Age-Defying Night Cream’ was the only product introduced to the public. You must have heard about several herbs like turmeric and all, that are useful for skin care. Let’s go through the process of its manufacturing? Nerium Oleander Plant’s one ingredient Oleandrin is used to prepare it, and source of the company’s original name (Nerium).

Why Did The Company Change Its Name?

After ravishing seven years of success, the company has lavishly expanded in the international market. Its age-fighting skincare solutions are popping up everywhere around the world. As new advanced technology is being used to prepare these solutions now, so the owners decided to change the company’s name.

This year, on February 1, 2019, it has been officially renamed as ‘Neora,’ which means ‘New Aura.’ So with new energy and new edges, the company is ruling over the hearts of people who want to look prettier no matter what’s their age is. Company has also seen the addition of numerous new products due to its expansion.

Neora is now providing repackaging of products whenever there’s a need, by using recyclable options. It overall reduces packaging amount per product.

A New Beginning with a Wide Assortment of Products!

The symbol of new energy, Neora is undoubtedly a comprehensive move of the company towards global expansion and sustainable results. Now the company is no more one ‘INGREDIENT’ instead; it has grown up in a plethora of anti-aging products that are doing magic everywhere.

Neora has now begun as a brand new company and indeed a new beginning for the owners towards future success. The new name of the company will probably prove as a lucky charm for the company in getting global success. The company is fully ready to achieve milestones with its previous knowledge & experience.

Here’s the array of products offered by the company.

Transform Your Skin to the Core with These Result-Oriented Skin Care Products

Only the finest quality ingredients are used to prepare Age IQ creams, which vouch for assured results. Its constituents include Eco- VeilTM, IFIL4R ®, Pro Renew Plus, SIG-1273®, SAL-14®, PhytoLumina, Sea3C™, TC3-Armor™, SIG-1191®, etc.

Most of these ingredients are 100% plant-based. It has brought amazing results, and people who have tried it so far are quite happy with its outcomes.

Rebalance Your Circadian Rhythm with These Wellness Products

This formula directly contributes towards wellbeing and improve the overall health. its ingredients are, YouthFactor™ Enzyme Blend, Circadiplex Blend, EHT® Brain Formula, ProRenew Plus, Complex NAA™, etc.

This range of products subsumes, brain supplement, power supplement, chews, prolistic. All these tonics help to improve the immune system, cellular energy, shield the body against all radical changes, brighten up the skin, reduce the wrinkles, etc. It also regulates your wake & sleep cycle and helps to take proper sleep & give adequate rest to the body to carry on further works.

his broad product range serves the purpose of returning your youthfulness and energy, which gets lost due to rising age. Aging impacts adversely on the body and its functioning; control it before it is too late. Neora’s these products can certainly help you in this purpose. Here we are presenting the main products’ description in brief. Get into it!

Let’s start with the most influential and main product of the company,

Neurim AD Age-Defying Cream.

Nerium AD is the backbone of this company, I must say! This day or night cream has magically garnered a massive response from all over the world. Developed from Nerium oleander, everyone likes this product because of remarkable results. Like reducing wrinkles, fine lines, hyperpigmentation, and many other damaged skin signs. Not only it repairs the skin but also gives it a youthful look with a permanent glow.

As of now, you are quite clear about the prime agenda of Nerium skincare products. These have been designed to deal with and finely fix all skin aging issues. The product combinations subsume, day & night creams, patches, serums, body creams, and cleansers. Besides, individual products, it offers a combination of several products as well. Have a look at that!

Amidst the best products, have a glance at the topmost among them:

Eye Serum

Eye Serum Nerium

This serum is quite popular and buzzing around the world. Several magazines have also cited its performance and favorable outcomes that people have faced. As per the company, it gives immediate results by brightening and poising the eye area and reducing wrinkles and fine lines to a great extent. The eye area gets a smoother look than before, and you will start experiencing it right after its usage.  

Double Cleansing Face Wash

This face wash delivers double results. Besides cleansing the oil deeply from the skin, it bestows a light feel to your skin by removing all the debris from its pores. It’s a foaming face wash and can cleanse the skin thoroughly to provide you the ultimate results. It consists of rosemary leaf oil, coconut devein surfactants and Clary sage, which contains all its benefits to remove aging effects from the skin.

  • Hydrogel Patches

This is an eye product that amazingly works by targeting hydration around the eye and makes it vivacious again. Its name is Eye-V Moisture Boost Patches (Hydrogel). Just twenty minutes of pack appliance will deliver you fruitful results on the spot. You don’t even need to apply it regularly. Only once in a week, and you’re done!

  • Wellness Products

There’s also a range of wellness products offered by the company, keeping the requirements of the customers in mind. These wellness products subsume powders and wellness chews, one for sleeping & on for energy.

These chews are highly effective that besides giving an instant boost to the body, also offers long term benefits to you. On the second hand, sleep formula helps people falling asleep faster who are suffering from insomnia for long.


Along with this, the wellness product range also includes Probiotic Plus Vitamins and Prolistic Pre Vitamins. These supplements are quite helpful in bringing back the energy and strength within the body cells.

Some combined packs or set of products are also available that provides you a complete package of age-defying formulas. These sets contain several products that collectively help you regain youthfulness. Here are these:

  • Body Set

It’s a blend of wellness and skincare products. This pack includes Age IQ Day Cream, Youth Factor Tablets, Age IQ Night Cream explicitly, Firming Body Cream, and Youth Factor Powder. A complete body youthful pack that brings back the same charm that your body had long before.

  • Advanced Skin Care Set

You will get Age IQ Day Cream, IllumaBoost, Eye Serum, Age IQ Night Cream, Double Cleansing Face Wash within this set. This advanced kit delivers miraculous results in controlling skin aging.

Why Does Nerium Stand Out?

A number of reasons make this product stand out of the crowd. People choose it for the best quality and assured outcomes. Here, you will come to know why it actually stands out of the market. Have a look:

  • Nerium Oleander- Key Ingredient

The first upper hand of this brand is their intense research that has made it one of the leading companies in the world. They discovered these unique plants that feature skincare benefits.

This secret ingredient has become the strength of Nerium products. Most of the people dislike this ingredient, the reason being it’s a poisonous one. But do you know, Oleander plant is useful in making medicines to prevent heart problems? Yes, from time to time, this plant has been used for many medications and a variety of health concerns.

Though the plant is quite poisonous, its antioxidant features help in tackling the signs of aging.

  • Quality with Assurety

Beyond any doubt, there are several similar products available out there in the market, but Nerium stands out by providing the results they promised. Besides getting high-quality products, you certainly get guaranteed outcomes within the stipulated time zone, which other brands often lack to provide. Yes, you need to follow the directions thoroughly to attain fruitful results.

  • Brings Your Smile Back!

Once you have grabbed the product, you need not look at dark sides of aging. You can now feel lighter, young, and bring back your confidence and the same attitude of staying young. You can now maintain your life’s quality on a high note. So, it’s a proven way to look younger and get back your energy, which was a dream before.


eora is best in itself beyond any doubt. But getting overwhelming results right away after the launch is not in everyone’s hand. Though most of its products have been getting a positive response, there are a few as well, which are not garnering enough attention from worldwide customers.

The reason might be the different requirements and expectations for skincare products. Research about every product, then you will find that they fetch mixed reviews on separate sources. You should only buy after going through thorough research.

Well, all said & done, when it comes to skincare products, instead of just relying on a brand name, you need to put your efforts to know about the product. Read all the reviews on (like on Amazon) and go through each every detail.